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Marriage of Pabuji depicted in traditional Phad way.

Phad Painting, a Rajasthani folk painting style were and still are a backdrop of an elaborate ritualistic song and dance performance by folk balladeers.

Common features you'll see in these paintings: canvas usually crowded with figures and harmoniously distributed all over the area, the scale of figure depends on the social status of the character they represent and the roles they play in the story. The figures in the paintings always face each other instead of the viewer. These paintings in their traditional form are very wide to accommodate the numerous episodes of the complex stories.


Some Phad painters are also experimenting with the 'collage' form for Phad paintings where while remaining true to the basic principles of the art form they combine various aspects of the art form to create a visually appealing modern painting.

Hanuman Chalisa depicted on wall by Artist Prakash Joshi.

Where Phad painting is used best?

Decor & Fixtures

Can be designed on various surfaces like wooden panels, logs, wall plates, lampshades, cushioning, etc.

Walls & Ceilings

Direct walls & ceilings are a usual canvas for these paintings, depicting long stories in one go.

Doors & Panels

Best used on doors, panels & partitions, to give the space a subtle and rich feel.


Beautiful table tops & tray stands already adorn a number of these beautiful intricacies.