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Pichwai Paintings adorn walls of a wedding venue themed around tradition of Rajasthan.

Pichwai painting, originated over 400 years ago, in Nathdwara near Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. Intricate and visually stunning, pichwai paintings, made on cloth, depict tales from Lord Krishna's life. Originally, pichwai paintings were used to decorate the temple of Shrinathji, hung behind the deity to celebrate different seasons, festivals and events in Lord Krishna's life.

A typical Pichwai has 24 boxes around called Swaroops. Each of them has a Krishna, Gopis and various other elements. The elaborate Shringar of Shrinathji is captivating. Despite having various figurines and elements in it, Pichwai is a sheer example of Aesthetic balance and beauty.

Wall Panel designed & developed by Artist Prakash Joshi.

Where Pichwai painting is used best?

Decor & Fixtures

Can be designed on various surfaces like wooden panels, logs, wall plates, lampshades, cushioning, etc.

Walls & Ceilings

Direct walls & ceilings are a usual canvas for these paintings, depicting Lord Krishna' stories in one go.

Doors & Panels

Best used on doors, panels & partitions, to give the space a subtle and rich feel.


Beautiful table tops & tray stands already adorn a number of these beautiful intricacies.