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Intricate Jali pattern handcrafted & sandwiched between glass, done by Sanjhi Artist Mohan Verma & Family.

Sanjhi art, a traditional art of stenciling from Mathura, Krishna’s hometown which is known for its inherent spiritual implications that reach beyond immediate aesthetic appeal. It is considered to be one of the finest arts of spiritual expression. 

The art grew in the 16th and 17th centuries, when the walls and floors of temples were decorated with Sanjhi motifs. The art depicts Indian mythological stories in numerous forms, with predominant focus on Krishna’s Leela.

Sanjhi has been popular ever since, and during the Mughal period, contemporary themes were introduced for greater perspective. Today, Sanjhi art is found in many homes and spaces.

Wall Panel designed & developed by Artist Mohan Verma & Family.

Where Sanjhi Art is used best?

Decor & Fixtures

Can be used for wall murals, light fixtures, smaller installations to depict the play of light.

Floors & Ceiling

Surface voids in floors & ceilings can be filled with these beautiful intricacies to enrich the spaces.

Doors & Panels

Its beauty of light & shadow is reflected in large doors, panels & partition installations.


Can be sandwiched between glass railings to showcase a beautiful tale of Lord Krishna.