• Art that connects to your soul & home.

    Mandala's to adorn your landscapes.

  • Wall Installations that will leave you Awe-struck! 

  • Beauty in all shapes, sizes and colors to adorn your homes.

  • Panels that speak for you.

  • Hand drawn concepts turn 
    ​into beautiful intricacies to adorn your spaces.

Transforming walls: Traditional Mandala's with a modern twist by Artist Jaivardhan.
Mandala Art​
Traditional & Contemporary Depictions.

Mandala, means circle in Sanskrit. It usually has one identifiable focal point from which emanates an array of different shapes, forms and symbols.

It is of high significance in spiritual and cultural practices in Asian countries. It is believed to be a connection between your inner world and outer reality.

In modern days, it is used to de-stress. It is usually drawn on walls, paper and canvases with contemporary interventions.

Hand drawn Mandala translates into wooden panel.

Where Mandala is used best?

Decor & Fixtures

Wall plates, Lights, Mirrors, Lampshades, Home Accessories, Nameplates, Key holders, etc.

Walls & Ceilings

Direct drawings can be transferred as wall murals & ceilings elaborations.

Doors & Panels

With advance technology, hand drawn concepts can be converted into beautiful doors & panels.

Dry Landscape

Beautiful intricacies can become a part of your landscape in form of stones.