• Phad Painting - Narration of tales that become backdrops for ethnic performances.

  • Pattachitra Stories that will keep you mesmerized.

  • Experience the tree of life come alive with Gond art.

  • Be amazed while you see stories of Goddess in Mata Ni Pachedi.

  • Intricacies of Rajasthani Miniature art that will leave you Awe-Struck!

Folk art to enrich the experience of your spaces.

At Aalekh Art|Architecture we take utmost care to compose the aesthetics of a space with rich heritage of Indian Arts & Crafts merged with Contemporary perspectives and functionality. 

From Pichwai Paintings to Tanjore to Miniature Art, we curate bespoke art & d├ęcor in your spaces to give you a unique experience of colors, textures & materials.

Phad Painting

Sanjhi Art

Miniature Painting

Madhubani Painting

Gond Painting

Pattachitra Painting

Warli Painting

Pichwai Painting

Kerala Mural Painting

Relief Art

Mata Ni Pachedi Painting

Lippan Art

Blue Pottery

Mysore Painting

Charpai art

Tile Mosaic

Stained Glass Mosaic

Marble Inlay

Wood Craft

Stone Carving

Metal Craft

Meenakari Painting

Rogan Art

Chitrakathi Art

Thangka Painting

Chittara Painting

Ganjifa Painting

Tanjore Painting

Bhil Painting

Mandana Painting

Kalamkari Painting

Cheriyal Scroll Painting

Deccani Painting

Saura Painting

Thikri Art

Paitkar Painting

Pithora Painting

Aipan Art

Chaksudan Painting

Leather Puppetry

Molela Terracotta Art

Jogi Painting

Pahari Painting

Bamboo Craft

Theyyam Painting

Kavad Art

Usta Art

Kalighat Painting

The Design Process

Ideation & Conceptualization

Once we understand your requirements & preferences, our team brainstorms on the best possibilities and chalks them down.

Analysis & Detailing

After receiving your feedbacks, we get into the intricacies of the idea and create simulations for better visualization.

Production & Sampling

On approval of Final design, we start the production. This typically involves working in coordination with our talented artisans.

Installation & Inspection

Finally, we perform a quality check & work in sync with the on site team to ensure proper installation. We are with you through the entire process.