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Vintage walls: A floral tale by Artist Evgenia Ermilova
Sculpture Painting

Artist Evgenia Ermilova, the author of the art technique "sculpture painting" gently scours the surface with a palette knife full of cream-colored decorative plaster to create beautiful volumetric flowers.

The pastel flowers are so full of life; that they seem to bloom out of the surfaces, into the real world.

Alluring forms and relief work can be created with this art technique. Thanks to the sheer texture of the material, the process is incredibly satisfying to watch.

The art is not limited to just smaller bases, but can be used on large panels, doors or even walls to create stunning Interiors.

Sculpture painting Panel designed by Artist Swati.


Hard as Stone

The artwork once completely dry is hard as stone.

Realistic Flowers

The volume achieved almost gives a realistic feel to the blooming flowers.


High resistance to external pressure (Similar to wall properties).


A wide range of colors that can be used to adorn vintage themed decor.