• Textures and colors to leave you mesmerized!

  • Wall Stories that will give you an experience of nostalgia.

  • Details that will fill your soul!

  • Be amazed while you see free hand sculpting work the magic on your door.

  • Abstract Art that will leave you Awe-Struck!

‚ÄčThe Design Process

Ideation & Conceptualization

Once we understand your requirements & preferences, our team brainstorms on the best possibilities and chalks them down.

Analysis & Detailing

After receiving your feedbacks, we get into the intricacies of the idea and create simulations for better visualization.

Production & Sampling

On approval of Final design, we start the production. This typically involves working in coordination with our talented artisans.

Installation & Inspection

Finally, we perform a quality check & work in sync with the on site team to ensure proper installation. We are with you through the entire process.

Contemporary art to exquisite the experience of your spaces.

From Resin Art to Wire art to Sculpture Painting, Aalekh Art | Architecture curates bespoke art & decor in your spaces to give you a unique experience of colours, textures & materials.

Sculpture Painting

Resin Art

Decoupage & Distressing

Tree of life

Mandala Painting

Wire Art

Metal Art

Miniature Clay Art

Glass Art

String Art

Fluid Art

Ceramic Art

Origami & Kirigami

Graffiti Art

Fabric Art

Indoor Gardening

Hoops & Thread Art

Green Wall

Paper Mosaic Art

Screen Printing

Pyro Art

Abstract Painting

Impasto Painting

Macrame Art

Dream Catcher

Mixed Media Art

Gold Foiling