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Sadeli Wood Craft

Sadeli is the art of decorating the surface of wooden articles with delicate pieces of wood and other materials in precisely cut geometrical shapes. Geometric patterns are marked on pieces of wood. Then they are chiseled and fitted according to the pattern.

Tarkashi Wood Craft

Tarkashi is the art of inlaying brass and copper wires in wood. It is a delicate craft that is done on hard woods. This art can be dated back to early 16th century. The patterns most commonly made are geometric or floral forms inspired from Mughal period.

Wood Carving

Wood carving is an ancient Indian art. It began as a temple and palace craft and flourished alongside architecture and sculpture. Depending on the local availability of wood, each region developed its unique style and technique of wood carvings.

Channapatna Toy Crafts

Their popularity has led these toys to come under the GI tag. Though traditionally these toys were made of ivory, now they are made of sycamore, cedar, pine, teak and even rubber. They are crafted carefully and individually, and completed with vegetable dyes.

Nagina Woodworks

Nagina‚Äôs outstanding wood carving craft tradition dates back to the Mughal era. Women also contribute actively to the craft and are happy to have their children help them after school, indirectly passing on skills to the next generation.   

Kondapalli, Natungram Crafts

Kondapalli & Natungram toys are the result of the 400-year-old art of crafting. These crafts mostly depict the rural life, birds and animals and mythological characters. The use of oil, water colours or vegetables dyes give these toys their colourful and attractive look.

Contemporary interpretation of traditional wooden carvings.


Handcrafted & Unique

Panels are handcrafted to such details that every piece is unique.

Natural Colour & Texture

Since wood is naturally sourced, every panel has a unique colour & texture.

Intricate & Precise

Motifs are carefully drawn and then carved to precision with hand chisels. 

Strong & Durable

Wood has been a structural material since ages because of it's strength.