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Bidriware Craft

Originated from the town of Bidar, Karnataka a center for the unique metalware craft. Bidriware is an export handicraft of India. Its richness lies in its striking inlay artwork. The artwork is prepared by using a blackened alloy of zinc and copper inlay with thin sheets of pure silver.

Dokra Metal Craft

The dhokra art products reflects primitive simplicity in designs with enchanting folk motifs and forceful form. Dhokra horses, peacocks, owls, elephants, figurines, religious images, etc. are eye-catching. Dhokra is non-ferrous metal casting by using 4000 years old lost wax casting technique.

Kamrupi Metal Craft

Originated in Kamrup, Brass and Bell metal products are known for their beauty, utility, and form. Often made with brass, Kamrupi crafts are also designed with gold, silver, and copper. Brass is extremely important cottage industry, with the highest concentration in Hajo, while Sarthebari is well known for its bell metal craft.

Pembharti Metal Craft

Pembharti found in the Warangal district in Telangana is popular for its sheet metal art. Used extensively during the Kakatiyas Empire, this form of art was used in chariots and in temples. Using brass the art is today used on vases, containers and plaques.

Tarakashi or Silver Filigree

Cuttack is home to the delicate art of Silver Filigree and is also known as the Silver city of the country, rightly so. Colloquially this art form is known as “Tarakashi” and it has mainly flourished under the patronage of Mughal emperors.

Metal Enameling

Enameling, or meenakari, is the practice of decorating metal surfaces with powdered minerals, such as cobalt and copper. It is an ancient art, which came to India in the Mughal Era. Enamels are used for decorating metals like gold, silver, copper and bronze.

Naquashi Metal Crafts

Naquashi is the traditional technique of surface decoration by painting over an object. It is believed that this art was introduced in Kashmir by a prince in early 15th century. He was intrigued by the art when he was captured in Samarkand (Central Asia). When he returned to Kashmir, he brought experts of this art from there and asked them to establish their art in Kashmir.

Metal Lacquering & Engraving

Jaipur is the center for lacquering and brass engravings in Rajasthan. Beautiful designs are embossed on the glossy surface of the pots, plates, boxes etc. It is also well-known for bronze sculptures and Koftagiri, which is the art of encrusting one metal with another. 

Beaten Metal Artifacts

Metals are usually associated with hardness, sturdiness and solid utility. But metals are malleable, which means they can be shaped, pressed or hammered without breaking or even cracking. This quality of metals makes it craftsman’s delight. Indian Metal crafts are popular all over the world. Metal craft in India exude a combination of style, artistry, as well as, dependability. 

Contemporary interpretation of traditional Copper intricacies.


Handcrafted & Unique

Panels are handcrafted to such details that every piece is unique.

Malleable & Ductile

Due to its malleability, it can be easily transformed into various shapes.

Intricate & Precise

Motifs are carefully drawn and then carved to precision with hand tools. 

Strong & Durable

Metal has been a structural material since ages because of it's strength.