Heat Gain in Buildings? Causes & Solution? Methods to prevent Heat gain.
How do you control overheating in a residential building without use of air conditioning? Causes & Solutions to apply for your homes.
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BHANSALI'S RESIDENCE - 1800sqft Renovation Project
A tour of a 1800 Sqft home renovation project. It's a 3BHK house with 3 baths. View full details of all changes made at every stage & the cost of renovation here.
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Pooja Room Design Ideas | Puja Room Designs | Pooja Decoration Ideas - For Apartments and Homes
I have seen so many new home owner struggle to get a perfect Pooja room done. Here are 16 Pooja room Design ideas with their material details that you can easily execute in you're homes.
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Exposed Brick Home Design Ideas | Exposed Brick Advantages and Disadvantages
Everything You Need to know about Exposed Brick Home. Advantages and Disadvantages. Design Ideas to construct you're home with Exposed bricks & Exposed Concrete.
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Low budget Balcony Study Room Design ideas - 11 Steps to Follow
For most employees & business owners the pandemic posed challenges of developing comfortable home offices, to render their duties & responsibility on the work front. Here we have Low budget Balcony Study Room Design ideas in 11 Steps to solve all you're problems.
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17 Trending Pooja Door Designs for Your Homes
Here's a list of 17 Pooja Room Doors with all material details that you can easily get done for you're homes:
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21 must know Interior Design words for new home owners
Confused with what your Interior Designer is describing? Well, here are 21 Interior Design Terms with their definitions that will help you communicate with you're designers, vendors, etc more efficiently.
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Headboard Ideas | 35 Unique Headboard Design Ideas - Budget, Best Overall and Luxury
Looking for Backpanels or Headboard designs for you're bedrooms? Find Best Budget, Overall & Luxury Headboards with the process of making them and the cost incurred in its production. You could also DIY a few of them.
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Architecture Vocabulary - Architect Lingo | Words Every Home Owner Should Know
Here's the list of 23 must know Architecture words with their definitions:
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Partition Design Ideas | Partition Ideas | Trending Partitions 2020 Best Budget, Luxury Partitions
Here is a list of 40 different types of partitions based on different material compositions which includes both budget & luxury options:
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