Heat Gain in Buildings? Causes & Solution? Methods to prevent Heat gain.

18.12.21 07:18 AM By Pooja

How do you control overheating in a residential building without use of air conditioning?

Before I get into answering this question, let's find out what are the major factors causing heat in your Residence?

  • Most of the heat is either transmitted through walls or enters through your openings.
  • From Ceiling or Horizontal surfaces.
  • Excessive use of metal, glass or other materials that are not climate conscious.

  • Building Orientation or Design.

  • Appliances and Lighting fixtures.
  • Use breathable walls like clay blocks, bricks, etc that allow for air transmission or use insulating material within the walls & openings. You could also use awnings, shading devices, chajjas alternatively for your openings to protect it from direct & harsh sunlight or radiation. The shadow effect created will allow for cooling during peak sun hours.

  • Use a reflective coating or high SRI index paints or light colors on terraces, this will reflect back the solar radiations into the atmosphere and reduce absorption of surface heat.

  • Be climate sensitive & climate conscious while you use external claddings, coverings or other materials. Make sure you use them in relation with the climatic zones you live in. 

Eg. Usage of glass may be helpful in cold regions to absorb heat into the indoor spaces, but same glass fa├žade when used in a hot climatic zone, will lead to excessive indoor heat, making A/C consumption higher. This making the entire process inefficient.

  • It is recommended to have North South Orientation for your buildings to create appropriate shadows onto the other parts of building itself. It is also recommended to have all large openings on your North wall. This is to save yourself from harsh East & West sun rays or radiations.

  • It is always recommended to chose lighting fixtures after consulting an expert to avoid unnecessary heat gain from these fixtures or appliances.

You could also watch the video to find out additional questions that we answered in the live session: